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We do not claim any indications mentioned in the product description. Customers are requested to get a prescription from your doctor and also use as directed by the doctor.


Vedas are the ultimate knowledge of the universe. Ayurveda is the ultimate science of Health and long life. It is nature friendly the ingredients that nature provides have their own synergy. The Dynamics of nature has provided solutions to every health problem, both preventive and curative. 2012 year of experimentation of Rishis has been scripted for the benefit of generations and then generations. The modern system is only a couple of centuries old which is already proving to be anti nature or source of side effects, resulting in banning of number of medicines the world over. It is necessary to revive and rely upon the tested non patented system for the healthy people, healthy Nation and healthy world.

Annapurna Bio-VedPrivate Limited is a small and humble but sure step in the right direction. We are into manufacturing of more than 150 Generic and a score of proprietary products. We have committed personnel to manufacture consistent quality products. We also try to keep the price as low as possible. We provide the necessary technical information about the product, foot doctors to form an opinion and General information for the customers and users for confidence.